Useful Links

Useful Links

Browse on line to see a wide range of Books, Teaching and Learning Aids/ Audio Guides/Educational Games and Literacy Software, and writing aids for children with special educational needs and lots more.

This site is for the Dyslexic Research Trust and Prof John Stein tells us that the Trust supports Clinics, to help people with sensory problems, causing reading difficulties. Information about Research Projects, and events..

Useful information and Assessment /Teaching Materials for professionals, and a selection of Books to appeal to those with reading difficulties. Parents resources.

Recently formed Group based in Sunderland to help support adults. Helping to break down barriers for dyslexic adults.

British Dyslexia Association. National Charity that is there for help and advice about dyslexia.
Offers training courses, advice and information about many topics related to dyslexia.

National Helpline: 0333 405 4567     Training : 0333 405 4565
Office number : 0333 405 4555          Fax : 0333 405 4570.

Advice, information and support for dyslexics, teachers and employers. Network across Scotland. Very helpful site.

technology for children with communication difficulties. Includes the wheel of apps

adapting and adjusting technology

Free resource on Home page

Popular technology list

Assistive technology and disability service suppliers

Communication technologies for additional support

Assistive technology on-line shop for iansyst

Free downloadable apps

Dyscalculia and maths support

support group for families in Northumberland

Parents and Carers Forum

parents support to help dyslexic children, and to share information.

National Autistic Society website with information about advocacy for education, parent support, data and signposting for information.

New site for Autism North East, for autistic people, and created by people with autism.

Learning Development Aids. Provides educational resources to support children with special educational needs. For Parents and Teachers.

NASEN  Support for teachers and those helping pupils with Special Educational Needs. Training Conferences and information.

Information and support for those caring and teaching children with special educational needs, including specific learning difficulties, autism, ADHD and dyspraxia.

Behavioural Optometrist with experience in assessing problems of visual dyslexia, and visual stress, in addition to full optometrist examinations, as appropriate for the individual.

Independent advice centre for parents, giving support and information on all aspects of state education.

A Charity that is campaigning to say “no to failure”. Their aim is to have a Specialist Teacher in every School to help children with dyslexia and learning difficulties.

Research about food and nutrition and behaviour

National Listening Book Library with postal and internet audio book service..

International Dyslexia Association..

Information and sites to access for further advice about dyspraxia and related conditions.

Optometrist site for further information about tests available for visual dyslexia, and booklet to download.

help for children with sensory processing disorders and dyspraxia.

Helpful site which explains about processes of how the brain organises and processes information.

Optometrist site for further information about tests available for visual dyslexia, and booklet to download.

Andrew Keyes – Optometrist specialising in Visual Stress and other visual problems

Optometrist in Ayr, Scotland. Different methods to help adults and children with visual problems.