About Dyslexia North East

Dyslexia North East was formed in November 2005, by a group of teachers and parents, and others interested in dyslexia and related conditions.

We began organising Meetings with speakers on topics of interest in 2006, and slowly built up contacts with parents, teachers and those helping children with special educational needs, particularly dyslexia.

Help and Support

We aim to offer support for all those affected by dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism.
We are here to help anyone who needs support for a Dyslexic Child, Adult or Professional.

Our goals are to provide educational opportunities to increase knowledge and skills about dyslexia to enable dyslexics to achieve their potential, and restore their self-confidence. Whether they are children or adults, the need is very genuine.

Resources and Information

We also provide resources and information to help children and families, students or adults to be supported at home, school or in the Workplace, together with support to help parents and carers.

We recognise the need to raise awareness in the wider Community, especially in the Health and Education sectors, to enable people to understand how to cope and support those with dyslexia, and related conditions.

Funders and Supporters

Dyslexia North East is very grateful for all the generosity of its members and funders.

We need to find more funding if we are to deliver more services and help for dyslexics of all backgrounds and cultures.

A Big Thank you to the REEDs Grassroots fund for a grant from the Community Foundation.  This generous grant of £3,000 has helped to provide administrative support for Dyslexia North East, and so enable us to offer more services.

Also, we are indebted to the Big Lottery Fund for a grant of £8,865 to enable us to purchase IT equipment and ipads for use by children and adults with dyslexia.

Thank you to Berwick Young Farmers for a generous donation of £500.00 to help the work of Dyslexia North East

Grateful thanks to the Henry Smith Charity and the Community Foundation for their generous grant of £8,723.00 to fund our new Project Co-ordinator’s post.
This has made a huge difference to Dyslexia North East, as it will enable us to can reach out to many more dyslexics across the North East region.

Our Location

Phone: 0191 258 8437

Mobile: 0786 826 3696

Email: [email protected]

Cedarwood Centre,
Avon Avenue,
North Shields,
NE29 7QT